Knife attacker jailed for five and a half years

William Winnie was jailed at High Court in Edinburgh.
William Winnie was jailed at High Court in Edinburgh.

A man who stabbed two members of Motherwell’s Polish community was jailed for five and a half years today.

William Winnie wounded two men in knife attacks after striking them on the head with a chain with a padlock attached to it.

But one of his victims fought back despite his injuries and managed to overpower Winnie

Judge Lord Boyd told Winnie (24) at the High Court in Edinburgh: “You put a number of people through a terrifying ordeal and stabbed two innocent members of the public.”

Winnie, of Dinmont Crescent, Motherwell, admitted brandishing a chainsaw and trying to force entry to a house in Dinmont Crescent on June 16.

He also admitted assaulting Domonik Monka to his severe injury and to the danger of his life and attacking another Polish man, Radoslaw Precz, to his severe injury and permanent disfigurement.

Winnie had climbed flights of stairs armed with the chainsaw and apparently trying to start it as he tried to force entry to the flat where Mr Precz was living with others, including children.

The judge pointed out that although the chainsaw was not working the occupants of the flat were not to know that and, apparently, Winnie did not know it either.

Lord Boyd said: “This must have been a terrifying experience for those in the flat.”

The court was told that Winnie had turned up at the door of the flat where two Polish families were living and began knocking louder and louder.

When a woman answered the door she found him holding the chainsaw and he put his foot in the doorway to prevent it being closed.

Winnie was pulling the cord on the power tool trying to start it, but was unsuccessful.

Others came to the woman’s aid and managed to close the door and hold it shut.

Winnie was shouting and kicking the door with enough force to make the lock break off.

He walked back down the close and Mr Precz left the flat, intending to confront him. He found Winnie on a path and was hit on the head with the chain with the padlock on its end.

He then felt a pain in his stomach and saw Winnie was holding a knife in his left hand.

Mr Monka and his wife, Joanna, were at home at another flat in the street and after hearing noise looked out and saw Mr Precz holding his stomach.

They went to help, but Winnie struck Mr Monka on the head with the chain and stabbed him on the right side of the chest.

Mr Monka fought back, disarmed him and pinned him to the ground until police arrived.

Officers found Mr Monka, who had a visible stab wound, restraining Winnie by lying on top of him. A knife with blood on it was also recovered.

Mr Monka required to have a chest drain put in for a collapsed lung. Mr Precz had a stab wound which was dressed and closed with sutures.

Defence solicitor advocate Rhonda Anderson accepted that two serious unprovoked attacks were committed. She said: “He had been binge drinking for three days prior to this.”

Lord Boyd ordered that Winnie be supervised for two years on his release.