Judge slams pair who murdered Motherwell man

Amanda Cook
Amanda Cook

A judge has slammed the murderers of Motherwell man Mark Donnelly over the ‘appalling and senseless killing’.

Martin MacMaikan (28), of Crofthead Crescent, Bellshill, and Amanda Cook (22), originally from Bellshill and latterly of Manse Avenue, Coatbridge, were found guilty of murder at the High Court in Glasgow.

The jury heard during the three-week trial that Mr Donnelly (27) suffered at least 114 separate injuries when the pair beat him up in a car park in Coatbridge on May 26 this year.

Judge Rita Rae QC jailed MacMaikan and Cook for life and ordered them each to serve 20 years in prison before they can be considered for parole.

Mr Donnelly, also orginally from Bellshill, was living in Muirhouse Tower, Motherwell, at the time of his death. His relatives attended the trial, but declined to comment on the case.

The court heard MacMaikan and Mr Donnelly were best friends. The pair were with Cook when violence flared.

Judge Rae slammed MacMaikan for claiming he hit Mr Donnelly because his friend had made advances towards Cook.

The judge told MacMaikan and Cook: “In my view the terms brutal and prolonged go nowhere near truly reflecting what happened on May 26.

“The post mortem report makes disturbing reading. There were in excess of 114 injuries, most of them recent and attributable to your joint attack during which you repeatedly punched, kicked and stamped on Mark Donnelly.

“Many of those injuries were inflicted while he was disabled and unable to defend himself. There were a number of serious injuries, but the worst was the complete shearing of the aorta in a manner which the pathologists had never seen before in this type of killing.

“That in itself clearly reflects the severity of this attack. After the attack you abandoned him to his fate although by that stage he was most probably already dead. Then you carried on your drinking.

“You have destroyed a young man’s life and you have caused immeasurable misery to his family and those close to him.”

Judge Rae said neither accused had shown real remorse and had tried to ‘avoid responsibility’ during the trial by blaming each aother.

She added: “It would be extremely difficult to believe anything either of you said.

“I wish to make clear for the benefit of the family I do not accept that Mark Donnelly tried to seriously sexually assault the second accused (Cook).

“That was put forward simply to attempt to excuse your actions, particularly you Martin MacMaikain who tried your best to blacken the character of Mr Donnelly both during your police interviews and at the trial.”

MacMaikan and Cook were also found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice by washing or disposing of their bloodstained clothing.