Jail stretch after police officer is badly hurt

Court heard of assault on police officer
Court heard of assault on police officer

A man has been jailed for 21 months after a police officer was hurt during a disturbance in Motherwell.

PC Gary McCallum was shoved against a wall by Marek Brygider who had threatened to kill officers after they detained him.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard PC McCallum suffered a dislocated shoulder, needed hospital treatment and was off work “for some time”.

Brygider (44), a prisoner, admitted assaulting PC McCallum, punching PC Michael Steenson and shouting abuse and threats in Watson Street on May 2.

He also admitted assaulting his partner, Halina Ryba, at the same address on March 6 and breaching bail by being in her company on May 2.

The court heard he couple had been drinking and Ms Ryba fled after Brygider punched her, causing swelling and bruising to the side of her face.

They were with friends two months later when Brygider again became aggressive and the police were called. He shoved PC McCallum with “full force” against a wall.

Margaret Chalmers, defending, said the officer had the same injury before and Brygider shoving him “set it off again”.