Hero postie halts mugger

Police were called after report of mugging.
Police were called after report of mugging.

A postman is being hailed a hero after he chased and caught a mugger who robbed an elderly woman in Motherwell town centre.

The pensioner, who is believed to be 87 years old, was knocked to the ground when the man grabbed her bag at the underpass in Merry Street.

It’s understood she suffered a cut to her head and was taken to hospital.

The mugger fled behind the shops in Merry Street, pursued by the postman who was joined by two other men, one thought to be an off-duty police officer.

The chase ended a short time later in Merry Street where the culprit was detained and the bag recovered.

A witness said: “You have to hand it to this postie for getting involved. It’s good that the mugger was caught and the bag recovered, though who knows what effect this attack will have on the poor old woman.”