Drug den is a danger to kids

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Dozens of needles and other drug paraphernalia were discovered in an area of New Stevenston popular with children.

David Ellis made the discovery in the undergrowth between Burn Crescent and the Shirrel Burn last Wednesday (April 19) as he tried to help an SSPCA officer catch an injured magpie.

He said: “I think everyone knows that drug users congregate near the burn, but it was appalling to see just how much they had left behind them.

“There were needles, both used and still sealed, as well as evidence of burning and packages containing a plastic spoon and some sort of white pill.

“I know how dangerous needles can be as I used to work in the recycling industry and we regularly had to get our shots just in case we got jabbed with something, which happens quite often.”

The area where the needles were found lies just a few feet from a large area of open grass.

Davis said: “This is an area that kids flock to, particularly in the summer when they are always running about in the undergrowth, and I hate to think of one of them getting injured.

“Even worse, imagine if one of them found one of the white pills and put it in their mouth. Who knows what sort of problems that could cause?”

North Lanarkshire Council says its officers attended the area last Thursday morning to remove the items and have them destroyed.

It urged anyone finding needles or other drug paraphernalia to report it to them immediately.

A spokesman said: “Our advice would be for the public not to touch any needles or drugs materials and contact our customer contact centre, Northline, on 01698 403110 or go to our web site with details of the location of these items.

“Our staff will ensure they are uplifted and disposed of safely.”