Drug dealer tried to bribe yard worker

Colin Landsborough tried to have vehicle with drugs removed from yard
Colin Landsborough tried to have vehicle with drugs removed from yard

A desperate drug dealer offered a vehicle yard worker £10,000 to get rid of cocaine stashed in a car that had been seized by police.

The honest employee refused to do it and reported Colin Landsborough who was charged after 91 bags of the Class A drug were recovered.

Despite facing a possible jail stretch, Landsborough was again in trouble four months later when police found cocaine worth up to £28,000 plus £29,000 in cash at his Bellshill home.

Landsborough (23), of St Margaret’s Court, admitted being concerned in the supply of drugs in Agnew Court, Bellshill, on January 31 and at his home on May 31. He also admitted attempting to pervert the course of justice by trying to get a worker from recovery firm 911 to remove cocaine and mobile phones from a vehicle in the yard off Fallside Road, Bothwell.

Michael McIntosh, prosecuting, said police had been looking for Landsborough in connection with another matter and on January 31 seized a vehicle “that interested them” from the street in an estate near Bothwellpark Cemetery.

It was taken to the 911 compound but before it could be searched Landsborough and another man arrived and asked a worker to help them remove the vehicle.

Mr McIntosh said: “They were told this was not possible but then asked if the staff member would at least remove mobile phones and cocaine. They offered £5000 in cash then £10,000, but the worker refused and the police were contacted.”

The cocaine found was in £40 street deal bags worth £3640 in total.

Landsborough was on bail for this when police went to his home on May 31. He was agitated and told officers he had “coke and gear” in the kitchen. They found two “rocks” of cocaine one cut with mixing agent benzocaine and in a car a separate quantity of benzocaine was discovered.

One of the cocaine rocks was 68 per cent pure, but if mixed with benzocaine and divided into street deals would be worth £22,000. The other rock was of lesser purity but would still realise more than £6000 if sold on the street.

Scales stained with cocaine and a large number of polythene bags were also found. Cash totalling nearly £29,000 was seized from the house and two cars outside.

Sheriff Marie Smart deferred sentence until September 27 when defence agent Elspeth Forrest will address the court. Landsborough has been in custody since June 1.