Driver cleared of allegations

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

An allegation that a taxi driver attacked a woman in Motherwell has been dismissed by cops.

Last week the police put out an appeal for information that the driver of a dark Vauxhall Vectra had assaulted the 41-year-old.

However, after the story appeared on the Motherwell Times website the driver went to the police and having told his side of the story the investigation was closed.

The driver said: “This has been a very stressful time, it’s horrible to be accused of something you never did.

“I have no idea why she made up this story, but I am pleased that the allegations have now been dismissed.

“I know people have been talking it across Motherwell, Bellshill and Wishaw, which has left me a nervous wreck.

“Hopefully now I can just get on with my work.”