Criminals fall out as gun not the real deal

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard of gun deal.
Hamilton Sheriff Court heard of gun deal.

A deal to sell an imitation gun to criminals turned sour because the ‘weapon’ didn’t look real enough, a court has been told.

The seller, Faisal Malik, ended up pleading for the police to be called after he was chased into a petrol station.

Malik (25), a prisoner, was jailed for 14 months at Hamilton Sheriff Court last week. He admitted illegal possession of an imitation Colt 24 automatic at White’s Filling Station, Edinburgh Road, Newhouse, on March 15 this year.

Paula Russell, prosecuting, said Malik had the gun in a yellow box. He was given a lift to the petrol station by a friend, having told him he had arranged to meet people there.

Staff were taken aback when, still carrying the box, Malik ran into the petrol station saying he was being chased by people who had a gun. He asked them to call the police.

Two men followed him in, but couldn’t find him and the police were contacted.

Defence agent Archie Hill said the potential buyers weren’t happy with the look of the gun. He told the court: “I’m not sure what they thought they were buying, but it was in effect a toy gun.

“It wasn’t real enough for them, they became annoyed and my client was pursued into the petrol station.”

Sheriff Ray Small said jail was inevitable, telling Malik: “Clearly you intended selling this to people who thought it was something they could use for serious criminal purposes.”