Couple mugged by island gang

Elizabeth Graham and Hugh McLean
Elizabeth Graham and Hugh McLean

Bellshill couple Hugh McLean and Elizabeth Graham have been reliving the nightmare of being mugged at knifepoint on holiday.

Hugh and Elizabeth, of Fleming Road, were making their way back to their apartment complex in Fuerteventura at 2.30am last Wednesday morning when they were approached by three hooded men.

Hugh said: “They came out of the trees towards us and I thought it was just a joke because we have been there three times and never seen a hint of crime, or even a police car.

“Then Elizabeth shouted ‘He’s got a knife’ and I saw one of them holding it to her throat while another grabbed her handbag and then they ran off.”

Hugh decided to give chase, but on the dark streets lost his footing and fell, breaking his leg.

He said: “When Elizabeth found me lying on the ground she thought I’d been stabbed, but it was just that I couldn’t put any weight on my leg. I thought I’d damaged my knee but at the hospital they discovered it was broken.

“People have asked me what I thought I was doing going after them, but the whole thing happened in seconds so instinct took over.”

After being treated at hospital Hugh and Elizabeth made their way back to their apartment where they were visited by the police.

Hugh said: “They showed us a book of pictures and asked us to point out suspects. They kept asking if they were Moroccan. I didn’t know as we didn’t speak to them, but it seems they had a reasonable idea who the culprits were.”

Although they enjoyed the rest of their holiday the couple admit they are not keen to return.

Elizabeth said: “Although Hugh got more injured physically I am a bit some sore from being bashed as they grabbed my handbag, and emotionally I’m still a little shaken.

“It had been a wonderful holiday. We got to surpise some friends from Dublin who didn’t know we were coming and it was great, but the incident means I doubt we’ll consider going back now.”