Cops hunting ex-con a second time

Ex-prisoner failed to appear at Hamilton Sheriff Court.
Ex-prisoner failed to appear at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

A criminal who sparked a national manhunt when he absconded from jail has once again managed to elude the authorities.

Michael McInnes, who’s from Bellshill, is accused of illegal possesion of a mobile phone while serving six years in Shotts Prison for attempted murder.

Prosecutors who wanted him brought to Hamilton Sheriff Court assumed he was still in jail, but have now been told he was freed four months ago.

They admit they don’t know where he is and are instructing police to search for and arrest him.

McInnes, now 24, was jailed for six years in January 2011 for attempting to kill his sister’s ex-boyfriend in Coatbridge. A judge ruled he must be supervised closely for three years on his release.

McInnes was on the run for 10 days in December 2013 after failing to return to prison following a home visit. He was eventually captured at a pal’s house in Shirrel Avenue, Bellshill, and given another four months in prison.

Police were criticised for taking nearly a week to tell the public McInnes was on the loose. While on the run he taunted police with Facebook posts, including a picture apparently showing him drinking with pals in Bellshill.

McInnes is accused of having a phone in jail last November. The case has called in court five times since March with no sign of McInnes.

Finally, prison bosses told the Crown he was no longer in jail and an arrest warrant was issued as his ‘whereabouts are unknown’.

More from the court in the Times & Speaker, out tomorrow.