Cop bitten by infected rowdy

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard Jonathan Moore bit a police officer.
Hamilton Sheriff Court heard Jonathan Moore bit a police officer.

A rowdy bit a police officer, tried to bite another and then announced he was infected with the potentially deadly Hepatitis C virus.

Jonathan Moore had cuts to his face and hands after an incident at a Motherwell flat and became aggressive when police tried to take him away.

Moore (25), a prisoner, admitted threatening behaviour and two charges of police assault when he appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court last week. He also admitted exposing the officers to the risk of infection as he knew he carried the Hepatitis C virus.

Lauren McRobert, prosecuting, said officers were called to Merryton Tower shortly after midnight on January 24 this year. They were asked by the owner of a flat there to take Moore away.

Ms McRobert said Moore shouted and swore at the officers and as they tried to arrest him he picked up a bottle of water from inside their car and tried to spray one officer with it.

She added: “The accused tried to bite PC Kevin Gatens then bit PC Scott McCracken on the arm. He was continaully scratching the arms of both officers.

“He then told them he had Hepatitis C and added ‘Sorry’. At this point he calmed down and was taken to Motherwell police office. He was heavily under the influence of alcohol.”

Sheriff Shiona Waldron called for backgrond reports and deferred sentence until May 8. Moore has been in custody since his arrest and will remain behind bars for the time being.

This is not the first time he has had a run-in with the police.

In October he was put under supervision for three years for trying to headbutt, kick and spit on two police officers at his home in Brandon Street, Motherwell.

The court heard Moore lost his temper when scores of youths arrived for a party he knew nothing about. The court heard then that the party was arranged by a teenage girl and an invitation was posted on Facebook.

Defence agent Sandy Morrison said his client has various medical conditions which aren’t helped by his drinking and dabbling in drugs.