Closing in on an attacker - 10 months on

Police want to trace this man in connecion with assault.
Police want to trace this man in connecion with assault.

Police have issued an image of a man they believe is responsible for a serious assault in Bellshill - 10 months after the crime was committed.

A 61-year-old man suffered a fractured cheekbone and a cut above the eye after a confrontation near his home.

The attack happened on September 23 last year, but after inquiries drew a blank police have taken the unusual step of releasing a CCTV photo of a suspect.

They’s not necessarily looking for eyewitnesses, but are sure someone will recognise the face.

At the time police said the victim was attacked in Blackmoss Drive in Bellshill’s west end around 6pm as he returned home from a pub.

He had become aware of a man behind him who grabbed him then hit him as he was walking into a close.

Officers are not clear on any motive although it was suggested the victim became involved in an argument with a man who followed him.

This week a police spokesman described the suspect as white, 25-35 years of age, six feet tall and of medium build with a shaved hairstyle.

He is pictured wearing a blue zipper top with a white t-shirt and blue jeans.

Anyone with information on the suspect’s identity is asked to call the CID at Wishaw police office on 101.

Sceptics might be surprised that an unsolved assault case is still getting attention almost a year later, but a police officer told the Speaker: “It wouldn’t be the first time that a case is solved after many months.

“You have to persevere until you make a breakthrough and bring a case to its logicial conclusion.

“CCTV plays a big part in our investigations these days. If a suspect is not known to the officers involved invariably he or she can be identified by someone else.

“I just urge people to take a look at this photo and see if they know this man.”