Boy racer hit 100 mph before crash

Crash scene at Mossend Cross.
Crash scene at Mossend Cross.

A boy racer has been ordered off the roads for two years and must resit his test after clocking 100 miles an hour and crashing into a garden.

Incredibly, Arif Sattar avoided serious injury following his high-speed escapade in the middle of Mossend.

But a sheriff made sure he’ll have his work cut out before he can get behind the wheel again.

Sattar (27), of Sherry Avenue, Holytown, was convicted after trial of driving dangerously in Main Street, Mossend, on August 28 last year.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard he lost control of his Volkswagen Golf which careered across the roundabout at Mossend Cross and crashed through a barrier before landing in a garden in Calder Road, next door to Holy Family Parish Centre.

Sheriff Joyce Powrie accepted evidence from police officers who estimated his speed shortly before the crash at 100 miles an hour. They said Sattar sped past them in the opposite direction and by the time they turned round they had lost sight of his car.

The drama happened around 1.30 in the morning and Sattar was found later in Orbiston Drive, half a mile away. Main Street residents heard the crash and were astonished no one was hurt.

He denied being the driver, but the sheriff ruled he was behind the wheel. Sattar was also found guilty of failing to stop, having a knife, refusing a breath test, having no insurance, making threats at Monklands Hospital and slashing the tyres of five vehicles in Carfin and New Stevenston.

Defence agent Jim O’Dowd accepted the offences were serious and could easily lead to jail. He said Sattar was an intelligent man with good job prospects thanks to his father’s business.

As well as banning Sattar, Sheriff Powrie ordered him to attend a driving course for offenders and do 240 hours of unpaid community work within six months.

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