Bogus workman locked up for 18 months

Court heard conman's oldest victim was 93
Court heard conman's oldest victim was 93

A bogus workman who charged householders for repair work he never carried out has been locked up for 18 months.

Jordan Nisbet admitted conning people in Motherwell, Bellshill, Wishaw and East Kilbride over a 16-month period.

Hamilton Sheriff Court heard several of his victims were elderly one woman in East Kilbride was 93.

Nisbet, who is just 20, has had various addresses in Wishaw.

He also admitted committing some of the frauds while on bail and failing to attend court in April this year.

The court heard that one of Nisbet’s victims was a woman in her 70s in Calder Grove, Motherwell, whom he targeted between April 25 and 27 this year.

He pretended repeatedly that he worked for a roofing company and repairs were needed at her home. She handed over £340 for work that was never done.

A woman in Carrick Place, Bellshill, was persuaded to give Nisbet £45 in advance, but he never did the guttering work he promised.

Other victims lived in Netherton’s Park Quadrant and Kirknethan.

In all, Nisbet pleaded guilty to nine charges of fraud.