Bellshill rapist ‘utterly despicable’ says cop

Kriss Strachan. Picture: Contributed
Kriss Strachan. Picture: Contributed

A Bellshill youth who raped a 90-year-old woman in her home has been branded ‘a very dangerous individual’.

Kriss Strachan was only 17 when he forced his way into the widow’s home near where he lived in the Orbiston area and beat her up before carrying out the horrific sexual attack.

It happened in July last year and Strachan, now 18, was locked up for 12 years at the High Court in Edinburgh today after he admitted rape.

Following the case, Detective Inspector John Lamb said: “What Kriss Strachan did was utterly despicable. His actions robbed an elderly woman of her independence and she is now a shadow of her former self who is unable to return to her home.

“The victim regularly speaks of how she wishes she was dead – that is the sentence Strachan has placed upon her.

“Strachan is behind bars because he is a very dangerous individual who has caused an indescribable amount of damage to many people.

“His actions have not only affected the victim, they have cast a shadow over her entire family as well as his own.”

The victim’s daughter described the impact the crime has had on her mother.

She said: “This has destroyed my mum who up until that day lived on her own, did her own housework and shopping, socialised and enjoyed her own independence. Now she is totally dependent on me and talks every day about how she wishes she was dead.

“My mum had lived in her home since 1968 and at the age of 90 has been forced out of her home and away from her friends and people she knew. Now she stays with my family, far away from her home, where she knows nobody and spends most days on her own while we are at work.

“Thinking about what happened and the devastating impact this has had on her has been very distressing for our entire family and we do our best to love and support her, but life will never be the same for any of us.

“The sentence won’t change what happened but at least we can try to move forward with our lives knowing that Kriss Strachan is behind bars and can’t hurt anyone else.

“Mum and our family do not in any way blame Kriss’s mother for what happened and we are aware of the horrendous impact this has had on her life too.

“I would like to thank Police Scotland and everyone else who has helped us during this very difficult time. Everyone has expressed such kindness and support and we are very grateful for this.”