Assaulted on the campaign trail

Elaine Carty was assaulted in Brandon Parade East
Elaine Carty was assaulted in Brandon Parade East
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A Yes Scotland campaigner claims she was physically assaulted while handing out newspapers in Motherwell town centre on Saturday.

Elaine Carty was standing near Wetherspoons with her 11-year-old daughter when she was approached by a man in his late 50s or early 60s.

She said: “I asked people passing if I could interest them in a Yes newspaper and whether they took it or stated they were voting no I would say ‘thank you’.

“Most people were civil and friendly, there was a few grumbles but I got one man in particular who approached me and said he didnt want a paper as he’d be voting no.

“He very close and stared into my face in an intimidating way, he put his hand on my shoulder, shaking it, and said ‘I pity your husband when he comes home at night, having to listen to you’.

He then told my daughter ‘make sure you stick in at school so you’re not as stupid, you’ll be cleverer than your mum anyway’.

He stared at me again, centimetres from my eyes and said ‘stupid woman’ then left, ranting as he walked.

“My daughter felt scared and I was quite shaken and afterwards I actually did cry.

“I wonder if I should have reported this to the police, although what witnesses did I have? I still feel a bit shaken, I will continue to campaign when I can, but in a group.

“I do not feel I deserved such threatening behaviour and it is not acceptable at all.”

Meanwhile, a Saltire was stolen from outside the Yes Campaign headquarters on Windmillhill Street early on Sunday morning.

Ben Swinburne said: “I’m confident my friends in the No camp will join me in condemning anyone whose actions undermine the democratic process that activists from both sides hold so dear.”