15-year pet ban for dog neglect

Neglected Paddy had to be put down
Neglected Paddy had to be put down

A man and a woman from Holytown who neglected their dog so badly it had to be put down have been banned from keeping animals for 15 years.

The Scottish SSPC has welcomed the punishment for Clare and James Carlin, of Keir Hardie Avenue, who were also each fined £300 at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

Clare (41) and James (42) admitted causing cocker spaniel Paddy unnecessary suffering through failing to provide the necessary veterinary treatment for a chronic ear infection, severe dental disease and matted coat which led to complications in his health.

Commenting on the investigation and court case, Scottish SPCA Inspector Heather Lawson said: “We were alerted to Paddy after he was handed in to a veterinary clinic by a member of the public.

“Paddy was very lean and had a badly matted coat with an overpowering smell coming from the dripping pus on his head and ears. The pus had also dripped down his neck and chest, causing severe matting.

“He was then examined by a vet and we were advised that the poor guy was suffering from chronically inflamed ears with ulcerated patches in the flaps and into the vertical canals.

“He was also suffering from severe dental disease with his teeth covered in thick tartar with badly inflamed gums.

“Unfortunately the vet made the decision to put him to sleep due to the severity of his conditions.

“We are pleased that Clare and James Carlin have been dealt with by the court and hope they will give serious consideration to their ability to care for animals in the future.”