Councillors call for a rethink on Viewpark post office location

STANDING FIRM: councillors Bob Burrows and Jim McCabe want post office services restored to Market Place.
STANDING FIRM: councillors Bob Burrows and Jim McCabe want post office services restored to Market Place.
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Viewpark councillors Jim McCabe and Bob Burrows have called for the relocation of Burnhead Post Office back to Market Place.

They want Scotmid to scrap its plan to upgrade the services if offers from its unit at Old Edinburgh Road.

They say that it makes much more sense to admit the facility should never have been moved in the first place and return to Market Place.

Hundreds of residents signed a petition against the move in 2010, claiming that Old Edinburgh Road was much less central and accessible.

Despite the campaign spearheaded by the two councillors, the move went ahead.

But now they say it’s time for a rethink.

Councillor McCabe said: “We said it was the wrong thing to do and that’s been proved. People aren’t using it in the same numbers.

“They have to get a bus there but many are just staying on to Bellshill and using the post office there.

“Our message to Scotmid is ‘why spend money upgrading a facility in a location people don’t want instead of simply moving to one they do.”

Councillor Burrows added: “Whilst I am delighted that the Burnhead Post Office is earmarked for an upgrade/development it is clearly in the wrong location.

“Both Councillor McCabe and I, along with Tom Clarke MP, put forward a proposal to the Post Office to keep the service in Market Place shopping area. At that time we did not know Scotmid had bought out Botterills and clearly Scotmid must have known that the people of Viewpark wanted to keep the post office in the same location.

“There is a Scotmid Store in Market Place and I, and a considerable number of residents, believe the post office should be relocated back.”

Scotmid says it is working with Post Office Limited to offer an enhanced service as part of the Post Office’s network transformation programme.

A spokesperson said: “The new-look Post Office, located inside Scotmid’s store on Old Edinburgh Road, will offer customers post office services from 7am to 10pm, seven days a week.

“This will be made possible by creating an additional post office counter at the front till area inside Scotmid Viewpark, which will operate when the main post office is closed. These works are being funded by Post Office Limited.

“There are currently no plans to move the post office from Viewpark and any suggestions in this regard would need to be made direct to Post Office Limited.

“Additionally, the post office previously located at Market Square was not in Scotmid’s store, and was moved by the previous owner.”