Councillor is ejected after chicken dance

Councillor Alan O'Brien
Councillor Alan O'Brien

A councillor was thrown out of last week’s full meeting of North Lanarkshire Council after staging a bizarre outburst involving singing and dancing.

Independent councillor Alan O’Brien intended to raise a motion calling for the private company behind Cumbernauld Centre to be sacked.

But it never got that far after Councillor O’Brien crossed swords with Labour leader Jim McCabe, Councillor Barry McCulloch and Deputy Provost Jean Jones.

Councillor O’Brien proceeded to give his own version of the Edwin Starr soul classic ‘War’.

Riffing on its repeated use of the phrase ‘what is it good for?’ he said that the same was true of the Campsies Board, of which councillors McCulloch and Jones are members.

He controversially listed the ways they had benefitted from their involvement whilst claiming that Cumbernauld Centre was left to rot.

A council official was then ordered to remove the councillor.

Councillor O’Brien said: “The Labour group at North Lanarkshire Council is in meltdown and it’s not a pretty sight. They are desperate to shut me up.”

The councillor is expected to be reported to the council’s standards committee for his conduct, but insists he’ll likewise be reporting his rivals.

Councillor McCulloch said: “First Alan started doing a chicken routine, impersonating a chicken as he accused the administration of cowardice.

“Then he gave us a burst of ‘War’ but it was the shouts of ‘liar, liar’ at the housing convener which led to him being ejected.”