Council sorry for bus stop blunder

The misleading sign
The misleading sign

NORTH Lanarkshire Council has apologised for misleading public transport users at the start of the year-long environmental improvement works in Hamilton Road and Muir Street.

With the bus stops outside Motherwell Station closed for the duration of the works a sign directed commuters to temporary bus stop on Muir Street, only for them to discover it didn’t actually exist.

Instead bus users wishing to travel towards Bellshill face walking a third of a mile to the permanent bus stop outside the William Hill shop, opposite Calvary Church.

David Sutton, the council’s implementation manager, said: “There is an error with the wording on the street signs, and we apologise for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused. We have now removed the sign.

“Normally in a situation like this, we try to locate a temporary stop as close to the inoperational stop as possible, but the road configuration from the affected part of Muir Street doesn’t offer a safe location in which to do this.”

Full story in February 9 edition of Times & Speaker