Council makes sanitary products free in schools

Councillor Heather McVey.
Councillor Heather McVey.

Free sanitary products will be distributed in all North Lanarkshire secondary schools in a bid to end “period poverty” for pupils.

The decision to pilot the project was agreed at a meeting on Thursday following unanimous agreement from councillors.

The council will also consider rolling out the scheme to other leisure centres, libraries and community centres.

Councillor Heather McVey, Equalities Champion, said: “Period poverty is an issue that is often a private struggle for many people .

“If the provision of free sanitary products within schools can help to relieve the situation for many young people in North Lanarkshire, then we are making a real and valuable impact to support families living in poverty.

“There has been widespread discussion about the impact that poverty can have for young girls and women in terms of difficulties experienced when menstruating. “

She added: “While the council welcomes the Scottish Government developing its policy for next year, we felt that this was such a pressing matter we wanted to make a difference to many of our young people immediately.”