Council aims to light up town

How Motherwell Library would look lit up.
How Motherwell Library would look lit up.
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NORTH Lanarkshire Council wants to brighten up Motherwell town centre - by illuminating two prominent buildings at night.

The council has lodged plans to light up the Old Town Hall in Hamilton Road and Motherwell Library directly opposite.

Comments are being invited on the council’s website and one disgruntled voter has already wondered how money can be set aside for this at a time when the counci is making huge cutbacks elsewhere.

The objector said: “Given the council’s ‘hard choices’ consultation and the general financial position, I believe this application does not offer value for money to the council tax payers of North Lanarkshire.

“The Town Hall was significant when it was an active town hall, but given it is no longer used for that purpose I see little or no justification for approving this application.”

What do you think? Is the council squandering money or is it cash well spent to improve the town’s appearance? Let us know your views.