Copper thieves target church

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DISTRAUGHT members of a church guild were shocked last week to discover a trail of destruction left by thieves who ripped out copper piping from their parish hall.

Around 10 metres of copper piping was torn out of areas within Craigneuk and Belhaven Church - including the ladies and gents toilets and a kitchen.

The theft from the Craigneuk Street building, took place between 4pm last Monday and 6.45pm the following day.

Members of the church’s guild attending their weekly meeting uncovered the theft which has left the parish with no water or heating, severely disrupting services.

The Rev Robert Craig said: “I think people believe there is something of value in churches because of the grand nature of the buildings but there really is nothing here worth stealing.

“This has caused complete chaos for a little amount of copper pipping that is surely worth not very much.”

He added: “It was very distressing for the folk who discovered the theft. Many of the women in the guild are elderly and it was devastating for them to see someone had done this.”

For full story, see this week’s Times & Speaker, dated Thursday, October 20.