Convener argues why two should become one

Councillor Jim Logue
Councillor Jim Logue

A consultation is being carried out into the proposed merger of Our Lady’s High in Motherwell and Taylor High in New Stevenston.

On Monday a special meeting of North Lanarkshire Council’s learning and leisure committee agreed to seek comments on moving the schools to a new £36 million campus at Ravenscraig.

However, with a combined roll of under 1,500 the committee’s convener Councillor Jim Logue says it makes sense to create a new larger school.

He said: “There has to be an acceptance that some schools are no longer fit for purpose.

“We have a new curriculum that is much more interactive rather than just having a teacher at the front of the class so have to maximise space.

“We are now seeing improved educational attainment in the schools where we have spent money.

“When I took over this job our educational attainment was appalling, there is no other word for it, and we had to do something

“The key aim of learning and leisure should be to drive up educational attainment and I am now gratified that it has increased significantly over the past few years.

“Some years ago realised we had half the population of Glasgow, yet two more high schools, how do you equate that?

“The director of learning and leisure service Andrew Sutherland has stated that 1,300 or 1,400 is the optimum number of pupils.

“If a child is in a small high school and wishes to do an advanced higher they are often taxied to another school, we are ferrying kids here, there and everywhere just to make up class sizes.

“So it make sense to rationalise secondary schools and the proof from Coatbridge shows that it does work?”

The new campus will also incorporate Bothwellpark ASN High.

The consultation will run until Friday, May 2.