Concern over male liaisons in park

Strathclyde Park is attracting groups of men to meet for sex
Strathclyde Park is attracting groups of men to meet for sex

Dog walkers have complained to the police they feel intimidated by men meeting for sex in Strathclyde Park.

Over the summer the car park behind M&D’s has become a hive of activity for “Cruisers”, who gather to engage in sexual activity in nearby woodland.

A woman who regularly walks her dog in the park said: “I’ve seen them all summer and at times the numbers have been so high it has been a little intimidating. I have to question if being so near a theme park where clearly there are going to be children is really the best place to meet.

“They are quite brazen and unless there is a police patrol about don’t seem bothered when you see them. We can only hope a child doesn’t stumble upon their activities at some point.

“It is all types of men, from those dressed in shorts and T-shirts to businessmen in Mercedes and BMWs, and while I don’t care what people get up to maybe they could do it somewhere a little less public, perhaps behind closed doors which surely would be more comfortable than the bushes.

“I have complained to the police and I know I’m not the only one, but I guess unless police actually catch them in the act there isn’t a lot they can do about people sitting in a car park.”

The police confirmed this is a periodic problem and has been allocated to the community policing team to investigate.