Complex telephone scam leaves woman (64) out of pocket

Telephone scams are becoming more sophisticated
Telephone scams are becoming more sophisticated

A Motherwell woman has warned other people to be careful after falling victim to a complex telephone scam.

The 64-year-old, who asked not to be named, was targeted twice by scammers, however the first time she realised “Government Pensions” was a bogus caller.

The second time was a more sophisticated operation and she ended up £169.99 out of pocket after receiving a call from “Microsoft Technology” who claimed her computer was under threat from a “worm”.

She said: “I turned on my PC at the caller’s request and pressed the Windows and “r” keys simultaneously before being transferred to the “Microsoft Technology Department” who took me through various screens showing thousands of errors and “stopped” functions which to me meant nothing – I am 64 years of age and know nothing of the design and make up of function systems.”

After doing her best to ascertain if the scammers were legit they then brought up a screen with a charge of £169.99 to fix the problem, on refusing to pay the screen went blank and she was told the computer was now under “total threat”.

Panicked the woman tried to pay with her debit card which was declined and then forked over the money using her credit card.

She said: “The whole procedure took around 50 minutes and due to not being computer literate by this time my brain was mush.

“Whilst making my dinner I received a call from my bank informing me the charge which had failed on my debit card was in all probability a scam because it had originated from Dubai.

“Only later did I realise I had paid it with my credit card and the payment had gone through, I am now in the position of trying the claim the cash back, I have cancelled both cards and in all likelihood I am out £169.99 for nothing.”