Colette Vision

EVERY week, Lanarkshire’s top clairvoyant Colette shares her vision exclusively with the Times & Speaker.

Readers are invited to send their problems, dilemmas and even dreams to Colette’s postbag.

She then uses tarot cards and her gift to provide an answer.

Here’s this week’s top question and answer -

Q: I have been married over 30 years and although we are happy enough on the surface, I am very lonely as my husband has his own hobbies and work.

This was fine when the kids were younger but now they are grown I just don’t see the point of being with him anymore.

Do you see me starting again and having more of a life?

I am scared about how I would be for money and what my children would think of me. They love their dad.

Would I be on my own or would I find someone new?

Name supplied

A: You seem to have had a strong marriage in the past and have come through lots of worries together.

Both of you have become complacent and have avoided really talking about issues.

I have to be honest and say that your cards show no real horrible reason to split up.

They also show that the love is still there, hidden under lack of communication and boredom.

If you both decide to put the effort in then this marriage can not only be strong, but can be stronger and much more upbeat and fun.

Your husband isn’t a mind reader. You need to tell him how you feel rather than talking about new wallpaper.

Maybe he is feeling lonely too? Please talk or get some guidance and give this love another chance.

Believe me, this would be easier in the long run than divorce.

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