Colette Vision

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EVERY week, Lanarkshire’s top clairvoyant Colette shares her vision exclusively with the Times & Speaker.

Readers are invited to send their problems, dilemmas and even dreams to Colette’s postbag.

She then uses tarot cards and her gift to provide an answer.

Here’s this week’s top question and answer -

Q: My husband has changed from being a very open person to someone that I think has secrets.

I don’t know what the secret is and that is what is worrying me.

He is very distant with me and seems annoyed when I want his company or help with something in the house.

He just wants to be left alone with his computer and the internet.

We used to share a password but he has changed his.

Am I worrying over nothing? Or can you see something I need to know about?

Anon, North Lanarkshire

A: It is time to really tackle your husband on his secretive ways.

Be strong as he really isn’t treating you right and it is naive to think that it is in your head or that nothing is wrong.

There is a wee threat to your marriage due to someone he may have met on the internet.

This connection seems to empower him and make him feel good about himself.

It has surprised him too how dependent he has become on it.

Certain cards also show he is depressed and stressed too, but this is no excuse for him shutting you out.

Be calm and choose your time and then tell him you need to know what is going on when he locks himself into his PC.

For more and details of how to contact Colette, see this week’s Times & Speaker.