Colette Vision

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EVERY week, Lanarkshire’s top clairvoyant Colette shares her vision exclusively with the Times & Speaker.

Readers are invited to send their problems, dilemmas and even dreams to Colette’s postbag.

She then uses tarot cards and her gift to provide an answer.

Here’s this week’s top question and answer -

Q: My mum died a few years ago and I moved home to look after my dad.

But since then I have had a lot of issues with members of my family, so much so that I am now not talking to some of them, and I feel I shouldn’t have moved back at all.

Family is important but don’t know if we can go back on what has been said at this moment in time.

What do you see for me?

Name supplied

A: I see you have lost a lot of your freedom and are working very hard to look after your dad.

This is good but will make you feel exhausted and cut off at times.

Be wary of trying to resolve things with your family.

One of them seems suspicious of you and another is easily led. Basically it is a bit like a power struggle.

In time, I do see you leaving again and trying to reclaim the life you had.

The main thing for now is that you are doing good for your dad. An ‘Agnes’ says hello.

For more and details of how to contact Colette, see this week’s Times & Speaker.