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Q: I was in an accident four years ago and I have lost all my confidence because of it. I have some compensation now and would like to use it for a business for myself, but need to know if I am kidding myself that it would be a success.

Also, would I find the courage to do it? Is it a good idea?

Please help me make up my mind.


A: Sadly, the cards are not supportive of a new business for you just now.

They show just too much against it regarding the recession and the economy.

I wish I could be more positive for you but I wouldn’t be doing my job by saying yes to your plans when they would lose you your compensation money.

The type of business you want is a bit old fashioned now and I don’t feel can compete with the internet.

So unless you give up on the idea of a shop and try online, I don’t see success at all.

Even with online it would take a while to carve a niche for yourself and I feel this would actually be negative for your confidence in the longer run.

I feel there will be a potential part-time job soon which a friend will alert you to.

This would be the best stepping stone to getting your confidence back and getting back into a working frame of mind.

You have done so well with your recovery but I feel you need more time to adjust and build confidence.

Be safe with your money for now.