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Q: My wife suffers from depression and I am worried about her as this time it isn’t lifting.

She always picks up a bit in March of every year and we get to have a good summer before the blackness comes down again in October.

To be honest, I need these summers when I get my old wife back and not the low, paranoid woman she becomes in the winter.

Will she feel better soon?

B, North Lanarkshire

A: I understand how you feel as I have lived with someone in the past who had serious depression and was far better in the summer.

There was a yellow forsythia bush in our garden and when it started to bloom, in March, I knew life would get better for us all.

What worries me now, is that we don’t seem to have as distinct seasons as we used to.

I see seasonal activities depression or winter depression going on longer for some clients because of this.

It is hard for the brain to sense spring if it is gloomy and cold outside and then sunny and warm and then snowing!

I have looked at your wife’s cards and see that the seasonal part of her depression will start to get better within a few weeks, so hang on in there.

However, I also see there are quite major cards, showing that your wife is ending one cycle hormonally and entering the next one.

She is going into menopause with all of its ups and downs and emotional mood swings.

I feel she will need more help from her doctor.

My new book - Menopause, a Natural and Spiritual Journey - could help her and YOU see how traumatic this change can be and will also give you both a laugh!

I do not feel she will be able to go through this change without medical help, so some sections of the book won’t help.

But it might be good to show her she is not alone.

I feel with understanding of her moods and how menopause can affect her depression and vice versa, you will both be able to navigate this time of change.

A combination of medicines may well do the trick and give her relief for many years ahead.

My advice is to seek out her GP for advice and maybe buy the book. She can e-mail me if she needs to talk.

I am a good listener.

Q: I have started to see and feel things around me and just know things about people, like if they are pregnant.

I am not scared as this happened a lot when I was younger and then went away when I got married and had kids.

I want to know more but have a lot on my plate. Do you see this opening up more for me? Is there anything I can do to help it along?

Do you see if I have any guides around me? Any help would be welcome.

Anne, Carfin

A: You do have the High Priestess card out which is the card of psychic ability and clairvoyance.

I am glad you are more ready for this now and want to help it along.

I have a page on my website - - called ‘Colette’s book recommendations’.

I have listed many books that have been a help to me or I feel would be good for anyone starting to open up.

I will be adding more each month. Have a wee look.

Your cards show a potential to be a good healer so look for a reiki or spiritual healer locally and learn from them.

Your connection with your spirit guide is a personal journey and not one I would do for you.

All I will say is that you do have one and that this guide will make themselves more available to you if you meditate more.

Good luck! I’m here if you need me.