Civil war heroes to be remembered always

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A new memorial to volunteers and their supporters from the communities of North Lanarkshire who fought against Franco and fascism in the Spanish Civil War are to be commemorated in a new memorial situated in Motherwell.

The No Pasaran Memorial Committee, North Lanarkshire, is holding a dedication ceremony in Duchess of Hamilton Park on Saturday at 1pm.

In attendance will be a number of relatives of those who joined the internationally supported fight for liberty and democracy, some of whom lost their lives in the conflict.

North Lanarkshire Council provost Jim Robertson and supporters of the campaign to erect a memorial will join the tribute.

Francis McGuinness, of the No Pasaran Memorial Committee, said: “It’s gratifying that after many months of fundraising and promotion we are able to give long deserved recognition to those who had the foresight, conviction and courage to act against fascism and in defence of liberty and democracy.

“We thank everyone who contributed to the building of this memorial in their name.”

Fellow committee member Jas McGuinness added: “This is not only a tribute to the commitment and sacrifice of those inspiring men and women but also a reminder ideals they fought for are equally relevant today through continued opposition to fascism and racism.”