Church honours members for years of long service

SENT IN - craigneuk and belhaven long service
SENT IN - craigneuk and belhaven long service

MEMBERS of Craigneuk and Belhaven Parish Church have been recognised for their many years of service to the Sunday school, choir and Kirk Session.

Certificates were presented to 24 members of the congregation by Jane Lewis, who herself has recognised for service totalling over 90 years to various groups within the church.

Receiving certificates for serving the choir for 30 years were Agnes Henderson, Jean Steele, Bessie Mathers and organist Jean McIntyre, while elders Angus Young, Alex Whyte, Ramage Kelly, Alex Steele, Hugh Hart, Tom Seymour and Jim Cranston were recognised for the same number of years on the Kirk Session.

And also rewarded for their work with the Sunday school over the past 21 years were Brian Logie, Lynne Fisher, Gladys Kelly, Margaret Clarkson, Anne MacFarlane, Irene Brown, Gillian Chambers, Ann Logie, Cathie Barr, Jean Higgins, Sadie Whyte, Agnes Duncan and Bunty Henderson.