Carfin residents fear petrol bomb rumours

Police are probing a fire attack at a block of flats in Carfin.

Two hooded men entered the block in Maryknowe Road on Tuesday evening last week and used an accelerant in an attempt to burn down the door of a top floor flat.

However, the householder doused the flames himself before police and firefighters arrived.

A police spokesman said: “Luckily the householder was able to put out the flames very quickly so no one in the block was in any danger.

“Had he been out the flames would have spread and who knows what might have happened?

“This isn’t the first time we’ve received a call about vandalism at this property, but we don’t know if they are linked and why this householder has been targeted.”

A neighbour reported seeing a man in a balaclava in Maryknowe Road the day before and heard property belonging to a friend of the fire victim had been damaged.

He said: “We heard this bang and smelled smoke, then all of a sudden the police and fire brigade arrived.

“It’s really distressing that this kind of thing could happen, but if

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