Car crash victim hits out

Lisa Boyle
Lisa Boyle

A driver has told of her terror after Arnold Clark in Motherwell failed to spot a catalogue of dangerous errors, one of which caused her to crash.

Lisa Boyle’s ‘new’ Seat Ibiza was taken in for repair five times in less than six weeks, but she ended up being injured when her brakes failed near a busy road.

Lisa (24) said: “I’m a new driver, it was my first car, so I was just starting to build my confidence up before I ended up in the crash when my brakes failed.

“The car had just been serviced and through its MOT weeks before so, never in a million years did I imagine such a thing could happen.

“I smashed into the back of a car in Johnstone and hurt my neck, but I count myself lucky because I was just about to drive onto the roundabout before the motorway.

“If I’d tried to brake before going round I’d probably be dead!”

A report sent from the company revealed they failed to spot brake issues, seatbelt problems, stereo faults, problems with the gearbox and heating, plus a loose handbrake twice.

After refusing to accept the vehicle back when she discovered more safety issues, Arnold Clark told her she could keep their courtesy car only to then take it back while she was at work.

Cash, expensive jewellery and sunglasses were still inside the taken vehicle, and with Arnold Clark refusing to talk to her, Lisa was forced to report them to the police for theft.

She said: “I’ve never been treated so badly in my entire life, the way they dealt with it was disgusting.

“They think I’m a young woman and they can treat me like dirt.

“It’s shattered my confidence as a driver, I’ll never trust a car dealer again.”

Arnold Clark say they strive to provide good customer service and are happy to enter into further discussions with Lisa in order to try to reach a resolution.

A spokeswoman said: “We have contacted the customer and provided a full explanation to her complaint including information on what components would have been checked at the pre-sale preparation.

“Ms Boyle has been offered a resolution which is taking into account the thorough investigation we have completed into the matter, however the customer had found our recommended proposal to resolve the complaint unacceptable.

“With a 93 per cent customer satisfaction rate, we offer one of the highest levels in the motoring industry and continually strive to improve this.

“We are more than happy to discuss this matter further with Ms Boyle in order to come to a resolution that suits both parties.”