Can you give home to Dery and Pira?

Scottish SPCA pet rehome Dery and Pira
Scottish SPCA pet rehome Dery and Pira

Every week the Times and Speaker team up with the Scottish SPCA - Scotland’s animal welfare charity - in a bid to rehome an unwanted pet.

And this week it’s the turn of dogs Dery and Pira who are being cared for by staff at the charity’s Lanarkshire Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Hamilton.

Centre manager Peter Fleming said, “Dery and Pira are a mother and son duo with a very strong bond.

“They love to share everything from food bowls to toys and snuggle up in bed together.

“Dery is a very soft and sweet natured girl who would quite happily gaze into your eyes and cuddle you all day long.

“Pira also loves a cuddle, although he is the more active and playful of the two and enjoys nothing more than a good walk and adventure.

“We feel Dery and Pira would be best suited to a family with older children.”

To offer Dery and Pira a new home please call 03000 999 999.