Call for Tunnock’s to scrap palm oil use

Green candidate Kirsten Robb has called for Tunnock's to stop using palm oil.
Green candidate Kirsten Robb has called for Tunnock's to stop using palm oil.

Following a backlash over its decision to scrap the lion from its packaging, Tunnock’s has come under fresh criticism - for using palm oil.

As reported in the Times & Speaker, the Uddingston-based company faced a social media storm over it’s rebranding to apparently appear more British south of the border.

And while the ‘furore’ rumbles on - with a protest planned at the base on Thursday by the Scottish Resistance group - a petition has been launched calling on Tunnock’s to stop using palm oil.

Kirsten Robb, central region candidate for the Scottish Green Party, said: “Tunnock’s was the subject of a furore with the apparent removal of the Lion Rampant logo from their packaging.

“It turned out it was a false furore. Instead, I would like support for a far more serious campaign which asks Tunnock’s to lead the way and change the palm oil used in many of their products to alternatives which protect the people, wildlife and climate where it is produced.”

Palm oil is listed as an ingredient in several Tunnock’s products on its website, including Teacakes and Caramel Logs.

A spokesperson for the company said: “T.Tunnock Ltd is continuously reviewing ways to improve our processes and work only with reputable suppliers. We removed hydrogenated vegetable oils and fats from our products and are working towards using sustainable oils and fats.”

The petition can be found at

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