Cafe taking a stand against Post Office

Civic Cafe protest against Post Office closure
Civic Cafe protest against Post Office closure

A petition has been launched against the Post Office’s plans to close its branch in Civic Square, Motherwell, and relocate it to Leven Street.

The Post Office is currently holding a six-week consultation to get feedback on its proposal which would see the new premises located within a Leven Street shop in July.

Civic Cafe owner May Murray feels this is yet another potential blow to her business so last week started a petition and has already got well over 150 signatures.

May said: “We use the post office a lot to get change and do our copying, as do many of the businesses around here so from that point of view we would hate to lose them.

“However, in addition it is yet another thing that could harm our business- we have already seen the District Court shut, the council’s Social Work department leave and been hammered with trying to find an extra £1,200 to pay our rates.

“Now, we have this, a lot of elderly people come up this way to go to the health centre, the post office, maybe pop into Lidl for a bit of shopping and then come in here for a cuppa before getting the bus home.

“That is a lot of trade that could be lost to us, so we felt we had to take a stand as this is a ludicrous plan by the Post Office.

“If they planned to move to a nearby shop then it might be fair enough, but Leven Street is just baffling as there is nothing else down there expect houses.

“Even some older people who live down there have told us they wouldn’t use it as they are frightened by the kids hanging about so would head to the shopping centre.

“We are delighted with the response we have got so far to the petition and hope when we submit it to the Post Office that they actually listen.”

The Post Office claim the move to Leven Street would allow them to offer two tills on the retail counter, as well as having longer opening hours, with seven days a week being considered.