CAB scheme saving money on fuel bills

A NEW project launched by the Scottish CAB service five weeks ago has already helped over 200 people save an average of £100 from their fuel bills.

The Energy Best Deal Plus project is currently just a pilot scheme, available at nine selected CABs including Motherwell & Wishaw Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) and due to end on September 14.

However, if this success rate continues it is hoped that it will become permanent, and that it will be extended to all Scottish CABs.

CAB in the nine pilot areas have been given the power to contact the energy company on the clients behalf. They can then use their expertise to link the client to any special discounts, savings and free energy efficiency assistance that may be available from energy suppliers and Scottish Government schemes.

Audrey Cuthbertson, general manager of Motherwell & Wishaw CAB said: “The project has been a terrific success so far, and is making a real practical difference to the lives of many vulnerable families.

“If you are struggling to pay your fuel bills, a saving of £100 is really good news. We want more people to come forward and access the scheme before the pilot finishes on September 14.

“There are just three weeks left of the pilot, and a lot more money to be saved! So if you live in the area and you think you could benefit from the scheme, or if you know someone who could, please contact Motherwell & Wishaw CAB on 01698 259389, leave your name and contact phone number and an adviser will call you back.

“Alternatively, visit the Bureau’s offices in Civic Square, Motherwell or at the Portacabin, Roberts Street, Wishaw and ask about Energy Best Deal Plus.”