Tunnock’s try to crack Japan

The Japanese did not prove fans of the caramel wafer
The Japanese did not prove fans of the caramel wafer

Tunnock’s caramel wafer has failed to crack the Japanese market, but the Uddingston firm are hopeful another wafer will win them over.

Tunnock’s hoped the snack would be a big seller in the Far East, but it appears the Japanese are not keen on the sticky caramel texture.

And any hopes of cracking the market with the teacake were foiled by the six-weeks it takes to ship the goods.

Tunnock’s haven’t backed down from the challenge though and now the firm’s wafer cream is on its way to Okinawa in a giant 40ft shipping container.

The 22-tonne container is expected to land in Japan next month and another shipment is already planned to leave Scotland in September with a further one planned in December.

Alan Burnett, Tunnock’s export manager, explained the change of tact to try to win over Japanese customers.

He said: “It is like a caramel wafer, but has a chocolate spread in the middle rather than caramel.

“It is a lot crispier than caramel wafers and that appeals to the Japanese taste. So that’s what in the container on the water just now.

“One of the problems we have had is that the Japanese don’t like the texture of caramel, because it is too chewy.

“And the transit time to Japan is six or seven weeks, which is not great for teacakes.”