Steel industry needs summit

Marion Fellows MP
Marion Fellows MP

Motherwell and Wishaw MP Marion Fellows wants the UK Government to hold an emergency top-level summit with key figures in the British steel industry.

This comes after Tata Steel announced their long product plants, Dalzell in Motherwell and Clydebridge in Cambuslang, would not be bought by the Swiss Klesch Group.

Both Tata Steel and the Klesch Group have stated the British steel industry cannot compete with cheaper foreign competitors like China.

They claim British energy prices are too high, crippling the industry, and there are also concerns around rates charges which can be ten times higher than in Europe.

In May, Tata Steel announced up to 50 jobs would be lost in Scotland with over 650 lost across the UK.

Mrs Fellows said: “Our steel industry is failing is because energy costs are too high, pressure put on supply chains from unfair practices needs addressed and the dumping of Chinese steel needs looked at again.

“The Government must implement its energy-intensive industries compensation package now rather than April 2016 to provide a cash injection into the industry.

“The British Government has failed to protect the steel industry in the UK, workers are bearing the brunt of the Government’s failings and may lose their livelihoods.

“Motherwell was once the heart of the British steel industry and it is essential now to protect and support our steelworks so they can grow once again and bring much needed well paid jobs to the area.

“Government talks with industry leaders are vital in order for this to happen and I await the outcome of the agreed summit on steel which should also include Scottish Government representation.”