Staff at Tunnock’s get 8.7 per cent two year wage deal

Picture Alan Watson. Tunnock's factory, Uddingston
Picture Alan Watson. Tunnock's factory, Uddingston

Staff at the Tunnock’s factory in Uddingston can look forward to inflation-busting wage increases over the next two years.

Officials from the Unite trade union negotiated an 8.7 per cent pay increase over the next two years on behalf of hundreds of people employed by the famous Lanarkshire firm.

This means that most full-time staff can expect an increase of around £1500.

Think tank the Resolution Foundation has warned that falling living standards for low and middle income families are being threatened by the biggest rise in inequality since Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister.

This has seen numerous workers endure pay freezes or sub-inflation increases. To combat this trend, Unite has developed its Pay Claim Guide, a resource designed to help negotiators formulate arguments and table demands for improved pay and conditions for their members.

Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “Unite, the biggest union and foremost experts on pay in Scotland, have launched a blueprint to help workers boost their pay. Unite negations at the world famous Tunnock’s secured an 8.7 per cent pay increase over two years.

“Inflation is on the rise at a time when pay is growing at a snail’s pace and for many workers not at all. Unite has achieved some real progress in pay for thousands of workers across Scotland.

“Unite has also launched a powerful new online tool to help workers protect themselves from attacks on their pay from employers following the fallout of the Brexit vote. The new database will give union negotiators unparalleled access to pay data for their region and their industrial sector giving workers more power at the bargaining table with employers.”

The database, containing details of thousands of pay deals across Scotland, means negotiators will be armed with details of the latest and best pay deals meaning employers will be unable to make bold claims about their pay offers.