Skills project brings opportunity

Shannon Talbot
Shannon Talbot
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Teenager Shannon Talbot is setting out on a new career, thanks to a recent works placement which gave her an opportunity for employment.

Shannon is one of the success stories to come out of a new approach to get young people into work.

North Lanarkshire’s team from Skills Development Scotland (SDS) referred 17-year-old Shannon to Employability Fund opportunities with work placements organised by training providers Right Track.

This targeted approach is part of plans to share information between partners to make sure all school leavers get the best support possible in their quest to find the best career path.

Shannon explained: “I spent some time in a hairdressers and then in retail. I thought that hairdressing was for me, but actually discovered I enjoyed the retail work experience more.”

SDS work coach Marion Russell helped Shannon with her employability skills and highlighted a job opportunity with Link Cable Assemblies in Bellshill and it turned out to be just the job.

Shannon said: “It was electronic assembly work and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to do it, because I have mild dyslexia.

“I had expected it to be lots of written instructions but it was fine because it is all visual images in the manuals. I was nervous at first and a bit unsure but I was shown how to do the work and now I can do all the jobs I’ve been given in the factory.”

Link’s Managing Director Stewart Jamieson said: “Our clients have very specific requirements and high standards, so it is vital that we have the workers who can deliver to that level. While young people don’t have those skills, we give them the chance to come in, train them and see what they can do.

“We are pleased that the relationship with Skills Development Scotland has helped us find new employees and how the newer recruits like Shannon are working so well for the business,”