Shopkeeper amazed by the popularity of Buckfast gift baskets

Shirley Broadfoot with Buckfast gift basket
Shirley Broadfoot with Buckfast gift basket

A Motherwell shopkeeper has been stunned by the interest in her Buckfast gift sets.

Broomburn Wines in Muir Street is selling baskets containing a bottle, a half bottle, a can and two miniatures for £20.67.

Manager Shirley Broadfoot posted the perfect present for Buckfast lovers on the shop’s Facebook page on Friday and within 24 hours had sold out of all 36 she had made up.

After her post went viral on the Internet she now has a waiting list of 227 customers from as far afield as Dundee, Dumfries and Belfast as she awaits more baskets being delivered on Wednesday.

Shirley said: “We sell a lot of Buckfast and all year round we do gift wrap, normally we just do single bottles, but I got a lot of baskets when our Airdrie store closed down, so, I just thought I would try something different.

“I’ve been amazed by the reaction I honestly never expected it to catch on like it has, I was even contacted by someone in America, but unfortunately had to tell them we couldn’t deliver there.

“It’s been great for putting the shop on the map, I’ll get everyone’s order satisfied and next year we’ll definitely make sure we are far more organised.“