Plug is pulled on legal move to stop Asda

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Supermarket chain Scotmid this week pulled the plug on its legal bid to prevent rivals Asda opening a new store in Viewpark.

Earlier this year Scotmid submitted a petition to the Court of Session challenging North Lanarkshire Council’s decision to grant planning permission for the store in Laburnum Road.

The case was due to be heard this week - but Scotmid’s withdrawal of their challenge effectively now gives Asda the green light.

Scotmid said in January they were unhappy councillors had granted permission by overturning a recommendation from council officials.

A Scotmid spokesperson confirmed: “We sought the Judicial Review because we had legitimate concerns about a number of issues surrounding the planning approval. We needed to ensure that there was a level playing field.

“The council have now adjusted their planning approval and they have addressed our concerns. Our actions have ensured that we have received the answers we needed, so as a result, we have decided not to take this any further.”

The petition had angered local councillor Bob Burrows who said he was delighted it had now been withdrawn.

He said: “A number of local residents have been seeking an update from me on this matter.

“It is sad this petition was in place which meant Asda could not start the new build to coincide with at the start of the school holiday period.

I expect Asda will now want to start building as soon as possible which will give the residents of the wider Viewpark area a better choice of shopping within their local community.

Asda senior properyty communications manager Lisa Rooke said: “During our community consultation we repeatedly heard about the need for Asda’s low prices, more choice and quality products from local residents.”