Plan Bee buzzing about award

Plan Bee CEO Warren Bader with a honeycomb frame
Plan Bee CEO Warren Bader with a honeycomb frame

Craigneuk-based Plan Bee Ltd is buzzing having picked up the prestigious PwC Emerging Entrepreneur award for Scotland.

The beehive management company, which leases out hives to hundreds of businesses from Aberdeenshire to Cornwall has gathered a number of distinguished clients over the last few years.

The award is a further testament to the company’s hard-working sustainability ethos, having already scooped a number of prestigious accolades.

Plan Bee CEO, Warren Bader said: “To be recognised not only by our sustainability peers, but as an emerging business in our own right is truly prestigious.

“We have a small team of dedicated, hard-working individuals from a range of backgrounds. We put in long hours and think nothing of going that extra mile for our clients.

“Personally this has been a long but fruitful journey from beekeeping as a stress-relieving hobby to running a successful beehive management business.”

The original idea of Plan Bee was to manufacture high quality honey, now it not only manages beehives and provides biodiversity lessons for schools, but completed its second successful crowdfunding to grow its Beehive Brae mead and honey beer brand.

Warren said: “The future success of the business relies on the work of our growing team. We have assembled a number of varying skills to help drive Plan Bee forward.

“While this award is gratefully received, it’s important that we use this success and our similar accolades as a springboard to drive the evolution of our business to the next stage.

“We are ambitious and that’s why we’re targeting more awards, more success and many more beehives as we work to support dwindling bee populations across the country, which ultimately is what we’re all about.”