Newarthill group seeks to empower

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A meeting takes place on Saturday morning in order to form a group to bring ‘Community Empowerment’ to Newarthill.

RE:NEWARTHILL is the brainchild of Linda Jane McLean who has invited everyone with an interest in a ‘cleaner, safer community’ to meet in the cafe of Greenside Garden Centre in Newhouse.

Linda said: “We speak of ‘Community Empowerment’, but the opportunity is lacking to test its ability to transform communities.

“We need to identify areas in which new ideas and approaches could be tried.

“The group will seek the widest remit possible, for maximum impact on every aspect of the lives of local people.

“Unlike any previous regeneration initiative, the scope of the RE:NEWARTHILL will encompass: health, enterprise, education, tourism, environment, crime, community facilities, transport and community support.

“Through discussions within the community, this list may well become further extended.

“Through a number of workshop sessions, problems and opportunities will explored, based on available and new data, options for change identified and preferred solutions agreed.

“At each stage, the participation of the whole community will be sought.”

At the meeting it is intended that a plan of action will be drawn up and a steering committee elected to take the project forward.

Linda added: “Newarthill is an ideal candidate for testing the idea of Community Empowerment so I hope all interested parties will get involved in making it a reality.”

Greenside Garden centre is located on High Street, next to Peggy White’s Garage.

Complimentary refreshments will be available at the meeting.