Moves help to give a modern service - PO

The Loaning post office will close
The Loaning post office will close

North Motherwell’s post office is also on the move, from The Loaning to the Spar shop in Logans Road.

Like the new facility in New Stevenston, it will be open longer and on Sundays.

A Post Office spokesman said: “The move is part of a major modernisation programme across the network designed to make it easier for customers to do business, through longer opening hours and modern open plan environments.”

The North Motherwell move is less than a quarter of a mile, but in New Stevenston it’s significantly more.

Objectors say it’s too far from where most people live and MSP Richard Lyle said parking outside Salina Mini Market is ‘horrendous’.

Post Office regional manager Suzanne Richardson said: “With any change of location some customers might be more inconvenienced than others, but New Stevenston branch provides services to a large catchment area including Holytown.”

She added there are bus stops nearby and North Lanarkshire Council will be asked to provide a pedestrian crossing at Fullwood Gardens to help customers.