Mossend Railfreight park plans submitted

Mossend railhead
Mossend railhead

Developers have submitted their plans to build a controversial new multi-million pound railfreight terminal in Bellshill.

But the application from PD Stirling, operators of Mossend Railhead, has already attracted opposition from angry residents since being lodged with North Lanarkshire Council.

The firm is seeking outline planning permission to the area between Carnbroe Road and the A8 into an international railfreight park which they say will bring a significant number of jobs to the area and provide a massive boost to the local economy.

But the proposal has infuriated residents who are angry at the loss of what they claim is the last piece of greenbelt land in Bellshill and concerned that huge volumes of additional traffic will be generated near their homes.

Should outline consent be granted a further full application for detailed permission would be lodged with the council at a later date.

But angry residents have already lodged more than 20 objections to P D Stirling’s controversial plan to extend Mossend Railhead.

The firm wants planning permission from North Lanarkshire Council to create a new international railfreight facility between Carnbroe Road and the A8.

But furious residents have lodged objections on the council’s website and say the scheme should be derailed.

Sharon Hailstones, part of a local residents’ group fighting the plans, said in her objection: “This is a greenbelt area surrounded by three industrial warehousing estates.

“There is no need for more when the current built units are half empty.

“The people of Bellshill value this greenbelt area for its beauty and wildlife, to teach children to respect outdoors and enjoy being out in fresh air, walking dogs and for many socialising.

“You cannot put money before people’s health and wellbeing.

“And to even consider losing the last bit of greenbelt when we are surrounded by industrial estates is criminal.”

Mrs Agnes Banks said in her objection: “The proposed development by reason of its size, depth, width, height and massing would have an unacceptably adverse impact on the amenities of the properties immediately adjacent to the site.”

Another objector to the plan, Louise Kerr, insisted: “This application is a disgrace. Would not only have an extremely detrimental effect on those living in the surrounding area but also endangers the lives of our children through pollution and extremely heavy vehicles which would become an almost constant sight.”

And Martin John Henry said: “This is a disgusting example of large scale commercial development destroying a precious piece of greenbelt land that is treasured by the local community.”