Hounded over wrong bills

Michelle Murphy
Michelle Murphy

Scottish Power has apologised after spending months hounding a Muirhouse woman for electricity payments she didn’t owe them.

Back in March Michelle Murphy changed from a regular meter and paying her bills by direct debit to a prepayment one with a key that is topped up at PayPoint prior to use.

Michelle said: “I wasn’t changing supplier, I had been with Scottish Power and was remaining with Scottish Power.

“All I was doing was switching from direct debit to prepayment.

“I changed over and it seemed fine, then they sent me a bill for an unpaid direct debit, I gave them a call and they said they would get it sorted.

“But then another came in and another, more than one a month until I got one last week that said the debt had risen to £1,050, I have over £100 in my prepayment meter so I don’t owe them anything.

“I’m fed up calling them, only for nothing to be done about it and would like some form of compensation for the stress that has been caused.

“ I suffer from depression and this situation really hasn’t been helping.”

The Times contacted Scottish Power who promised to rectify the situation.

A spokesperson said: “We are sorry that Ms Murphy has experienced issues with her account.

“Ms Murphy moved to a prepayment plan earlier this year, however, unfortunately a system error has seen bills issued to Ms Murphy by mistake.

“We are aware of the issue and the problem will be fixed.

“We have been in contact with Ms Murphy to explain the issue and to confirm that the bills she received were in error and that we are not seeking any payments.

“We sincerely apologise to Ms Murphy, and we will be in contact with her to discuss a compensation payment as way of a further apology.”